USA Youth Neuroscience Association

Purpose & Overview

The USA National Chapter Network of the IYNA allows for a more focused advancement of neuroscience opportunities for youth within the United States of America. Through establishing programs with universities and connecting them with high school IYNA chapters, as well as conducting various outreach programs, we establish a framework for local and regional networks within the country as well as provide an organizational leadership for chapters in the United States.

The primary aim of the USA National Chapter Network is to allow youth throughout the country interested in neuroscience to gain access to opportunities to advance their interest, and grow to become the next generation of neuroscientists, neurosurgeons, and neurologists leading the field in the nation and throughout the world. 

IYNA Chapters

IYNA Chapters form the basis of the National Chapter Network, and indeed the entire organization itself. In high schools and universities, interested individuals can create and register new chapters at There are some guidelines to establish and run a chapter and some requirements that must be met, which can be found in the IYNA Chapter Handbook in the link above. For more information, contact Daniel Lucas, Director of Membership: 

Advancing neuroscience opportunities for youth commences from the local level, at the smallest of scales, so merely establishing a chapter at your institution could burgeon and flourish into an entire host of neuroscience-related activities. 

How to Administer a Chapter

While there is no set requirement for what activities a chapter must conduct and what constitutes an IYNA chapter, there are some helpful guidelines that can be followed in order to ensure success of the chapter and continued interest of members (you can visit the Chapter Club page for more information):

While these are all excellent activities to hold in your chapter, they are by no means limiting, and as stated prior, chapters are encouraged to go on their own paths to find new opportunties in neuroscience for their members and spread this to all youth in general. 


There are numerous resources available to use when starting and running an IYNA chapter, including some already elucidated:

The resources listed above are by no means exhaustive, and there is a plethora of information about neuroscience and specific guidance to organizing an IYNA chapter that can be found throughout the internet and public databases, as well as on the IYNA website. 

Establishing an LCN

One of the key aspects of expanding an establishing a vibrant network of IYNA chapters in the United States lies not only with the National Chapter Network, but with Local Chapter Networks as well. Local Chapter Networks (LCNs) provide a localized network of chapters no larger than the area of a state through which comprising IYNA chapters can interact and combine to increase their efforts to provide opportunities in neuroscience for their members. For example, an LCN can be centered at a local university or community center and meet weekly in order to discuss the matters of the LCN. The governing body of the LCN would be comprised of the constituent chapter presidents, elections being held periodically to determine who leads the LCN.

As is apparent, LCNs are a vital part of establishing and expanding the IYNA chapter network in the United States. While the USA NCN leadership team can put in all their efforts to manage the chapters of the nation remotely, the true work rests in the hands of LCNs, who, being familiar with their respective areas, will best allow the NCN to advance its efforts on a local and focused scale. It is thus imperative that along with establishing a chapter, you work to create LCNs in your area of the United States. 


Should you have any additional questions or are in search of more information about the USA NCN and starting your own IYNA chapter or LCN in the United States, you can contact the leadership of the NCN, also found on the Leadership page:

Don't hesitate to contact one of us if you have any doubts on how to establish a chapter, as it is imperative that all prospective IYNA chapter presidents fully understand the process in order to ensure long-term success of the chapter and/or LCN.