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Without our volunteer staff, none of our projects could be possible. By applying to one of our departments, you will join a team of passionate, dedicated individuals working towards building the next generation of neuroscientists. Please note that IYNA positions are only open to members under 26 years of age. Our teams currently use G Suite and Facebook Workplace to communicate. Applicants must be able to access these platforms on a regular basis. We will be opening new positions relatively frequently, so make sure to check back here often.

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Outreach Department

The Outreach Committee of the IYNA is dedicated to increasing awareness of our organization both among interested students and the public. Our social media team works to share exciting content with all followers of our page in a manner accessible to teens. Furthermore, our publicity team is reaching out to news organizations and other publishers to spread awareness of our mission.

Publicity Team Member

Team members will be in charge of contacting media sources, such as news outlets and video channels, to write articles/produce media to publicize the IYNA. Applicants should be skilled with writing and public relations.

Social Media Team Member (Currently Closed)

The Social Media team is responsible for maintaining the IYNA's social media accounts. Each account will be handled by 1-2 people and requires regular activity according to the IYNA social media policy. Applicants should be familiar with the social media platform they are interested in managing. Applicants with prior experience managing professional social media accounts will be given preference.

Media Production Team Member

The media production committee is seeking team members to assist with creating graphics/videos IYNA projects including the Journal, MYELIN, and chapters.

School Outreach Committee Member

The School Outreach Committee will be in charge of establishing and maintaining relations with high schools and school networks throughout the world. Some of the main tasks will likely include contacting school administrations/student bodies, helping students start IYNA chapters, and keeping up contacts with schools.

Mentorship Department

Pursuing neuroscience in high school can be confusing, but the IYNA’s mentorship program was developed to make this process easier. Members of the IYNA will be paired with undergraduate, graduate, and professional mentors, who will help them develop their own educational and career goals in neuroscience.

Mentorship Committee Member

The Mentorship Committee is in charge of architecting the Mentorship program, and recruiting and vetting mentors. The main job applicants should be able to do is interview candidates in a professional manner, and report to the team if the candidate is a good fit for the program.

Chapters Department

The IYNA was founded to promote neuroscience in the context of individual communities, and the mission of our recruitment team is to do just that. Our fast-paced Chapter Development team is organizing the IYNA’s national chapters and creating a wide range of materials to help local-level chapters succeed in all that they do.

Chapter Development Team Member

The Chapter Development Team works to establish chapters around the world. You will be helping chapters direct learning activities, assisting efforts to reach their members, and facilitating neuroscience learning experiences. Specific duties include reaching out to and communicating with our chapters, contacting organizations regarding the creation of new chapters, and the creation of resources for our chapters.

NCN Management Team Member (Currently Closed)

National Chapter Networks (NCNs) are the leadership structures of the IYNA in each country, managing chapters and organizing activities in their countries. Members of the NCN management committee will serve as liaisons to their assigned NCN, representing the interests of the IYNA as a whole on their board of directors. Members will also participate in discussions and meetings to improve the NCN program.

MYELIN Department

Currently, very few students have the chance to study neuroscience before entering universities. The IYNA seeks to change this through its Modern Youth Education, Leadership, and Inquiry in Neuroscience (MYELIN) initiative by developing a high-quality, free-to-access neuroscience curriculum. We hope to develop a set of materials that teachers around the world will be able to bring into the classroom to introduce students to the exciting field of neuroscience.

MYELIN Module Leader (Currently Closed)

Module leaders work with contributors to continue development of the MYELIN Initiative. They are involved with contributor recruitment, evaluation, and training, and also work with the directors to determine the initiative's future plans. Candidates will also be reviewed for the MYELIN Contributor position if not accepted.

MYELIN Contributor

As a MYELIN Contributor, you will join a team of dedicated students working to develop a high school neuroscience curriculum. Within your teams, you will be responsible for drafting learning materials, finding opportunities to share our curricula with educators, and developing new ideas on how to ensure the initiative’s success.

Fundraising Department

Keeping our organization running is a challenge, requiring not only the dedication of our volunteer staff, but also financial resources. Our fundraising team is working to secure grants and donations to help support our existing programs and make new ones. The ultimate goal of the fundraising committee is to help the IYNA find the resources it needs to do more for students.

Fundraising Team Member

Our fundraising team reaches out to individuals and corporations for grants and donations, which are needed to continue to sustain and expand the IYNA.

Journal Department

The IYNA Journal provides a forum for scientifically-inclined students to write and publish neuroscience-related articles. Our team of editors provides individualized feedback to each writer, allowing them to develop both their research and scientific communication skills. All editions of the IYNA Journal are published for free online, giving both our members and the general public an engaging way to learn more about neuroscience

Junior Editor (Currently Closed)

Junior editors are responsible for reviewing and editing articles submitted to the IYNA Journal. They will be correcting for grammatical, organizational, and informational errors among others. Each Junior editor will be assigned approximately 2-5 articles to edit per journal release.

Web Development Department

The Web Development department is responsible for the design, development, deployment, maintenance, and security of the IYNA website. We utilize advanced cloud computing tools and frameworks to make the IYNA website as good as it can be.

Web Development Team Member (Currently Closed)

The Web Development team will work to improve all aspects of the IYNA website. Applicants must have experience with HTML, CSS, JS, and the Bootstrap CSS Framework. Applicants with experience using the Django Python Framework will be given preference. Please note that this position is very fast-paced, and that high activity levels will be expected.