New Zealand NCN

What is the NZ IYNA Chapter network?

The International Youth Neuroscience Association (IYNA) is an international network of high school students with a passion for the study of neuroscience.

As such, the NZ IYNA Chapter network works to foster a passion for neuroscience in NZ high school students, and is the centre in overseeing NZ IYNA chapter clubs and manage most of the IYNA's day-to-day operations in NZ.

Membership with the IYNA is FREE!


By inspiring youth to study the brain, the NZ IYNA seeks to inspire the next generation of neurologists, neuroscientists, and neurosurgeons in NZ to tackle some of the most important questions in neuroscience today.

What are IYNA chapter clubs?

An IYNA Chapter club is a local neuroscience club that will allow students to share their entrigue, love and passion for neuroscience with other students.

Requirements are quite flexible; the only necessity for the club is that neuroscience is a major part of the club.

Your club chooses what your club does!

Your chapter club has the power to choose what your club does!

Some possible things your club could do are:

Why form or join an IYNA chapter club in your local community/school?

Joining or forming an IYNA club will allow you to:

Get involved!

To join or create a chapter club, create a membership with the IYNA for FREE, and then visit their Chapter Club page . 

From there the process is simple, scroll down and decide to join an already formed Chapter Club or make a new one at your school.

It is important to make sure that you have discussed the formation of an IYNA Chapter club with the appropriate people (i.e Head of Sciences, Principals etc) at your school and it is advisable to get a teacher to suppourt you in the formation/running of the club.





If you want to/have formed an IYNA club but are perhaps struggling with getting suitable resources, you can can contact the NZ NCN president Stefan Ivanov and request for tips and additional useful resources.

Some public resources are :