The International Youth Neuroscience Association (IYNA) is excited to host a neuroscience themed research proposal competition, NEURON (Neuroscience Exploration Under Review Of Neuroscientists).

NEURON aims to provide more avenues for students to pursue neuroscience. In this contest, students will need to work individually to submit a research proposal that outlines a series or series of experiments designed to answer the question at hand that falls under the topic of nervous system disorders. Their proposal should reflect research on the topic and should be realistic; they should also explain how the data they get from said experiment(s) will answer the question they are tackling.

One winner will be selected from the finalists on January 4th. The winner will be awarded neuroscience related supplies and all participants will obtain feedback from our panel of judges who are experts in the field of neuroscience.

All proposals must be submitted by November 1st 11:30 p.m. EST and incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted. Please review all eligibility and submission requirements below.

Contact about eligibility, the submission process, or any other questions and concerns.


Any high school, undergraduate or medical school student from all countries and regions that are enrolled the 2020 school year are eligible to participate. Authors do need to be IYNA members to submit their research proposal.

Research Proposal Topic & Requirements

Proposal submissions should explore a focused problem related to clinical neuroscience. We encourage submissions to take creative approaches and for you to review sample proposals as you put together your contest submission.

See our paper requirements and format below.

Submission Guidelines

Research proposals should be written by a single author in english and cannot exceed 1750 words (excluding references). Cited sources should be reliable; we encourage you to use journal articles as Wikipedia and similar sources will not be accepted. Research proposals can be submitted through our website in a PDF file before the deadline November 1st 11:30 EST.

Submit your paper here!

Selection Process

Proposals are graded on a rubric (see below) and undergo a blind review by two or more judges that are experts in the neuroscience field. Judges will provide feedback for these proposals. High scoring submissions then are selected for another review and the final winner is chosen by a panel of judges. Notification of the contest winner and finalists will be emailed to all participating authors and announced on the IYNA website on January 4th.

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