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Here you can find all of the modules and resources that are part of our MYELIN course. They are completely free to view and use for all teachers and students around the world who want to learn more about Neuroscience in high school. Please note that we are still in the process of editing and reviewing these materials, you can consider this an open beta stage.

MYELIN Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Neuroscience

Introduces the field of neuroscience as well as basic principles in neuroanatomy and neuronal cell biology



Thank you to all of our MYELIN contributors for their hard work on this project!

Jacob Umans

Anamarija Kovačić

Ryunah Kang

Dhruv Patel

Anish Goel

Harrinee Senthilkumar

Julia Shi

Annie Pan

Khayla Black

Maggie Chen

Anabella Cheong

Choah Lee

Riley Seow

Aulden Foltz

Akshaj Darbar

Kimaya Gadre

Ashvin Kumar

Paulina Nemcova

Sofia Ruiz

Anna Cho

Harmil Kalia

Shelei Pan

Saaim Khan

Haylie Murray

Roberta Leal

Jillian Holbrook