Articles in the IYNA Journal are published into one of 8 columns You can browse articles by column below.

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General Neuroscience

In our general neuroscience column, we explore a range of topics, from interesting neurological effects to neuroanatomy. Read here to find all things neuroscience!


Curious about learning diseases that affect up to one billion people in the world? Look no further, the IYNA Journal has just what you’re looking for! With a wide variety of informative articles ranging from Hearing Loss to Alzheimer’s Disease, we are sure to satisfy your interest.


Interested in reading about new, cutting edge research? The research column is perfect for you! Our authors write about both research methods, and about cutting edge studies, in a way that everyone can understand.


The latest technological advancements helping us learn more about the nervous system and brain or just make life easier. From Brain Computer Interfaces to Vestibular Prosthetics, researchers are coming up with something new everyday!


Neuroethics explores the ethical, legal and social impact of neuroscience; for example, brain imaging techniques that could make it possible to tell when someone is lying or make assumptions about sanity or guilt in criminals with different brain characteristics. Neuroethics will be a critical part of neuroscience as technology advances, so read about it in our journal today!

Neuroscience and Society

Are you interested in the role that neuroscience and psychology play in our society? How presidents, CEOs, and leaders are influenced by their brains? If so, this is the perfect section for you!


Interviews with neuroscientists on current research and recent/past publications. Questions, including those on research and careers, are answered in interviews pertaining to, but definitely not limited to, topics like Parkinson’s Disease all the way to Drug Addiction.


The Satire section features articles on a variety of satirical subjects. Have a laugh at our humorous articles!