The IYNA Journal

Our Mission

The IYNA Journal is the world's biggest youth neuroscience journal. It is a bimonthly publication written, edited, and published entirely by student members of the IYNA. Our journal not only encourages writers to develop their scientific comprehension and communication skills, but also provides an excellent educational resource to readers.

The Journal is divided into 8 columns: General Neuroscience, Disease, Neuroethics, Neuroscience and Society, Neurotechnology, and Satire.

Read the Journal

The IYNA Journal is available for free as an educational resource. To date, we have publshed 10 editions, and are currently in our second season. You can read editions of IYNA Journal as compiled PDFs or as individual articles on our site.

Write an Article!

We invite all our members under the age of 26 to write an article (or several!) for the IYNA Journal. Please note that you must be a member to write for the journal.The submission deadline to have your article included in the next release is April 7th, 2018 (07/04/2018).

  • Step 1: Sign Up

    Sign up for an article on the planning google doc, which can be found here: Planning Document. If you cannot access the planning doc, email us at

  • Step 2: Write!

    Write your article on a neuroscience-related topic of your choosing. Articles should be based on reliable primary and secondary sources (Wikipedia and similar sources are not acceptable). We recommend using Pubmed to find sources. Articles should be written in accordance with the IYNA Formatting and Editorial Guidelines.

  • Step 3: Submit

    Submit your article by email or google docs share Make sure your name and email are included somewhere in the article.

  • Step 4: Editing Round 1

    Your article will be reviewed by a senior editor, 2 junior editors, and a member of our assembly team, who will review the article in accordance with the IYNA Formatting and Editorial Guidelines.

  • Step 5: Back to You!

    After the first round of editing, your article, now with feedback, comments, and suggestions, will be sent back to you. You will be asked to improve the article accordingly, and then send it back.

  • Step 6: Editing Round 2

    When received with your improvements, the article will be edited by another team of 1 senior editor, 1 junior editor, and one assembly team member, who will put final touches on the article. In rare cases, the article may be sent back to you again.

  • Step 7: Final Edits

    The Editor-In-Chief will go over your article, make any final edits, and approve it for publication.

  • Step 8: Assembly and Publication

    Finally, our assembly team will add your article to the next journal issue, which is released bimonthly. Your article will be published on the next issue release date.


These guidelines are provided to our editing and assembly teams. We encourage you to keep them in mind while writing.

Our Plagiarism Policy

The IYNA takes plagiarism very seriously. All articles should be original content, with any outside information properly cited. An exception to this is our research summary articles, where a recent publication is restated in layman's terms. However, writing such an article requires express consent from the original author of the study.

Submitting articles that are plagiarized (in part or in whole) may result in permanent termination of IYNA membership. If you believe that an article contains plagiarized material, please report it to us at