IYNA China focuses on uniting youths and students from a variety of backgrounds with one single aim: To progress in the field of neuroscience  and  to further develop this country that is full of potential.

Our main base is located in Shanghai, with eleven members in the current leadership team. We have LCNs established in: Beijing, Guangzhou, Shandong, NanJing, Sichuan. With several members being international Brian Bee competitors, local Brain Bee coordinators, biology olympiad gold prize winners and IGEM gold medallists.

We hope to help everyone in China become more aware of neuroscience, its importance and to cultivate those who are passionate and driven.

Our current leadership team is:

Elaine Liu   President

Victoria Li  Vice President

Shirley Ji  Social media Operator

Charlotte He Outreach Coordinator

Tony Kwok Chief of Diplomacy relationships


Feel free to contact us at any time!

Official email address: IYNA_China@outlook.com

(Contacting us via the official email is preferred).

Feel free to contact us at any time!


If you want to join the international China chapter or start your own local chapter, it's completely FREE!

Follow our status and our progess via the wechat official account: IYNAChina.

We post articles regarding neuroscience, informing the public, and posting about our activities. And guess what? You could help us!

If you are interested in neuroscience, want to pursue this career, feel free to sign up! Your knowledge in this field is not important, however the most important factors are that you have passion and drive. 


We will be..

  1. Able to host sessions in Primary schools, teaching kids about neuroscience, as well as helping the kids to grow up to become experts in this field.
  2. Hosting visits to elderly's houses, this is because many elders in China are not aware of neuroscience as well as many illnesses related to this, such as Stroke. Stroke is a leading caus of death, and those who are not aware of it soon enough to be hospitalized and treated are facing mortal danger. We hope to resolve many of such problems and raise awareness.
  3. Publishing numerous articles on our wechat official account: IYNAChina 
  4. Conducting visits to publis hospitals, lectures by renowned professionals, and conferences between LCNs. 
  5. Hosting seminars held by students with experience where everyone could come, listen, and share.