Moreau Catholic High School Chapter

About Us

This chapter is started essentially to connect the students interested in neuroscience and bring them together under one scientific umbrella. The purpose of this chapter is intended to encourage the spread of the knowledge of neuroscience across the student community. Our club meetings, events, and get-togethers are open to all students from Moreau Catholic High School who are passionate about neuroscience. 

To join our Neuroscience club, please email 

Upcoming Events

September 30, 2020:

"Neurodegenerative disorders"

Presenter: Harish Rajan 


October 30, 2020:

"Artificial neural networks"

Presenter: Harish Rajan


November 27, 2020:

"Brain Imaging"

Presenter: Harish Rajan


Contact Information

Moreau Catholic High School,

27170 Mission Blvd,

Hayward, CA -94544



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