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Are you interested in bringing neuroscience to your community? If yes, start an IYNA chapter today! Our chapter system allows you to enter an international neuroscience community without ever leaving home. Requirements to establish a chapter are quite flexible, with the only prerequisite of neuroscience being a major part of the club's subject. We provide free resources, including the IYNA Chapter Handbook and a variety of activity guides, to all chapters.

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IYNA Chapter System

The IYNA Chapter system is divided into 3 levels: chapters, Local Chapter Networks (LCNs), and National Chapter Networks (NCNs).

Chapter: IYNA chapters are the most local level. They are generally centered around schools, colleges, or communities, and comprised of relatively small groups of students. Each chapter has autonomy over their leadership and activities. Qualifications to become a chapter are very flexible: chapters just need to dedicate a substantial ammount of time to neuroscience, so general science/biology/medicine clubs can be eligible in addition to clubs that just do neuroscience. Additionally, chapters do not necessarily have to be built around a school: they could also be online communities, such as Facebook groups. For more information about chapters, see the IYNA Chapter Handbook.

LCN: LCNs are the regional level. They are groups of chapters centered around a geographical region such as a city, county, or province. Often, LCNs will have a hub at a university or community center. LCNs provide the opportunity for events larger than those organized by individual chapters, such as meetups, fundraisers, organization of a Brain Bee chapter, or community outreach programs. LCN Leadership is usually made up of an assembly of chapter heads from the LCN, with elected officers.

NCN: NCNs are the national/territorial level. NCNs oversee LCNs and chapters and manage most of the IYNA's day-to-day operations in their respective countries. If your country does not currently have an NCN and you are interested in starting one, please contact us.

Benefits for Chapters, LCNs, and NCNs

  1. It's free!

  2. All chapters, LCNs, and NCNs get access to a wide variety of activity guides.

  3. All chapters, LCNs, and NCNs can create a page on the IYNA Website for free, with no technical skills required. Additionally, LCN websites come with an events page, and NCN websites come with a blog.

  4. Our chapter development team will provide personalized help and advice to any and all chapters and LCNs.

  5. Each National Chapter Network is paired with a dedicated liaison from our NCN Management Committee.

  6. The IYNA Chapter System provides a perfect platform for sharing your passion for neuroscience with your peers.

So why wait? Go to your chapter dashboard today to get started!

Get Involved!

  1. Gather a group of interested people
  2. Register your chapter
  3. Download our resources, and you're good to go!
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