IYNA Chapters

One of the most important parts of the IYNA is our chapter system, as an IYNA chapter allows you to share your love and passion for neuroscience with your school/community. Requirements to be an IYNA chapter are quite flexible; the only neccesity is that neuroscience is a major part of the club. There are many things that a chapter can do, including experiments, outreach to your community, working on IYNA projects, or preparing for the Brain Bee. Free activity guides will soon be available to download alongside our chapter handbook. All clubs will have self-autonomy, and be considered official chapters of the IYNA, providing an international network for students to connect with each other. Our organization will help in the development of chapter clubs and surrounding networks. If you have questions about starting a chapter club at your school, please email chapters@youthneuro.org to receive more information on the club establishment process.


Start a Chapter!

  1. Gather a group of interested people
  2. Register your chapter here
  3. Download the chapter handbook, and you're good to go!

National Chapter Networks:

  • India
  • Australia
  • Start a network in your country; email chapters@youthneuro.org for more info