IYNA Staff and Board

Meet the Team!

Originally founded at the 2016 USA National Brain Bee, the International Youth Neuroscience Association is led by a group of dedicated, passionate high school and undergraduate volunteers. Meet the individuals who are working hard to inspire and enable the next generation of neuroscientists.

Global Staff

NCN Staff

Executive Team

The IYNA Executive Leadership team, headed by the CEO, is responsible for managing committee activities within the IYNA and ensuring that all of our day-to-day activities serve our long-term goals. IYNA executives work closely with the Board of Directors to develop and implement long-term plans to make the IYNA as impactful as possible to its members and supporters.

Internationalizing Department Department

Working towards external output, translation of information, outreach and consulting, increasing IYNA’s reach across the globe to maximize our positive impact, differentiates ourselves as an organization by having a focus on cultural diversity and internationalization

Events Department Department

Working towards external output, organizing high-quality neuroscience events to inspire youth, building accessible resources and bridges for youth who are looking to become more involved in the neuroscience field

Web Development Department

The Web Development department is responsible for all aspects of the IYNA Website Network: design, development, deployment, maintenance, and security of the IYNA website, the International Brain Bee website, and the NeuroAuth website. We are like a small tech startup within the IYNA, working with all IYNA departments to give a platform for their programs. Joining our team is a great opportunity for high-school or undergraduate students to develop valuable real-life experience with modern technologies and processes, giving you a headstart in the software development job market.

International Committee Department

The international committee is a group of consultants for the IYNA that provide advice on how the IYNA can internationalize our programs.

NEURON-BAW Committee Department

The NEURON-BAW team works to plan and execute the NEURON competition and a brain awareness week event.

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources department will consist of approximately 3 impartial individuals to oversee recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff for the IYNA, serve as a link between the organization's management and its staff, and address conflicts that arise. *Please note that HR department members will not be allowed to hold any other IYNA positions.*

Chapters Committee Department

The IYNA was founded to promote neuroscience in the context of individual communities, and the mission of our recruitment team is to do just that. Our fast-paced Chapter Development team is organizing the IYNA’s national chapters and creating a wide range of materials to help local-level chapters succeed in all that they do.

Brain Bee Committee Department

As more students are getting involved in Brain Bee competitions around the world, it is important that all students have access to updated practice questions. The IYNA is partnering with the International Brain Bee to create a set of practice questions that test content found in the Brain Bee competitions. We hope to develop hundreds of questions that students and coordinators around the world are able to access for free.

Marketing Department

The public relations team works to share exciting content with our members and people interested in neuroscience!

International Outreach Committee Department

International Outreach Committee under Internat. Dept.

Summer Programs Committee Department

Summer Programs

Journal Department

The IYNA Journal provides a forum for scientifically-inclined students to write and publish neuroscience-related articles. Our team of editors provides individualized feedback to each writer, allowing them to develop both their research and scientific communication skills. All editions of the IYNA Journal are published for free online, giving both our members and the general public an engaging way to learn more about neuroscience

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Board of Directors

The IYNA is governed by a board of directors composed of high school and undergraduate students. The board of directors is responsible for oversight and guidance of the IYNA's operations.

Advisory Board

Made up of prominent neuroscientists and professionals, the IYNA Advisory Board provides guidance to the IYNA Board of Directors, CEO, and Executive Team.