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Thank you for your interest in working with the International Youth Neuroscience Association. There are many benefits to joining the IYNA. The IYNA fosters an environment in which it is easy make connections with other high school students who also are fascinated with neuroscience, allowing your passion for neuroscience to grow. In addition, all members of the IYNA can submit articles for our monthly journal, providing a professional publishing platform for your work and research. Furthermore, the IYNA hopes to eventually help students develop connections between high-school and college students once more members reach universities, providing substantial benefits for existing members, as well as to provide a platform for high school students to work with researchers at major institutions.

We also encourage you to start an IYNA chapter club at your school or community. Essentially, IYNA Chapter Clubs will focus on sharing a passion for neuroscience with more students at our schools. This can be done through countless means, including watching videos on the brain, studying neuroscience, discussing neurological topics such as the origin of consciousness, or debating the ethics of pressing issues. While clubs will have significant freedom, they will all be considered official chapters of the IYNA, providing a solid infrastructure. Our organization will help in the development of chapter clubs and to create a network of like-minded neuroscientists with whom you can work. If you are interested in founding a chapter club at your school, please email to receive more information on the club establishment process. Our organization has already received endorsements with various prominent neuroscientific groups such as the Society for Neuroscience and Neuroscience News. Joining the IYNA will put you in the spotlight as a member of the nation's premier neuroscience organization for young adults.

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