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Open Positions

The IYNA has a variety of positions open to interested applicants. Open positions are subject to change at any time without prior notice, so make sure to check back often.

Internal Communications Department

Member Communication Subcommittee: The Member Communication Subcommittee is responsible for communication with members of the IYNA via newsletter, chats, and mailing lists

New Member Orientation Subcommittee: The New Member Orientation Subcommittee will formally process the addition of new members into the IYNA, as well as orientation of said members following recruitment.

Outreach Department

Webmaster: Comprehensive HTML, CSS, and Javascript experience are requirements. Will head web dev team to create and update website content.

Publicity Initiative Member:Will work as part of Publicity Initiative to help publicize the IYNA to other organizations and search for opportunities to get the IYNA in the media

Recruitment Initiative Member:Will work as part of the Recruitment Initiative to recruit new members around the world