Nicholas is a rising Indian undergraduate residing in the city of Auckland, with plans to study neuroscience, engineering, anthropology and physics at any place that will allow him to do so. His journey through neuroscience began through the Brain Bee in 2013, which culminated in him becoming the winner of the New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge in 2014 and placing 4th overall at the International Brain Bee in Australia in 2015. In 2016 Nicholas began a neuroscience club at high school from which he discovered his fervent passion for science communication. Later that year, he attended the London International Youth Science Forum along with 400 other nerds from 75 countries where his incessant need to philosophize about life and the universe was satiated. When he's not studying for chemistry and biology Olympiads or debating in English (and Spanish if need be), Nicholas enjoys playing archery and watching Casey Neistat crash his drones on Youtube. Through the IYNA, he aims to share his collection of obscure brain facts with the unsuspecting public and further the quest to spread the love of science to people of all ages in New Zealand and across the world.

At school jeremi studies advanced mathematics, chemistry and computer science. However, his greatest interests are biology and neuroscience. He is especially keen on biochemistry, molecular biology and clinical neuroscience. Thanks to the University of Silesia, he enjoys an internship where he examines insects' neurobiology with emphasis on neuropharmacology and behaviour.

Ronald Lao is a student in Pui Ching Middle School, Macau. When Ronald was small, he dreamt of curing different kinds of serious diseases, which then he developed an interest in neuroscience now. Ronald represented Macau in the 2016 International Brain Bee which he has discovered a deep interest in neuroscience through revising materials. Ronald is also enthusiastic about the plasticity and consciousness of human brain, and he wants to be a medical doctor and doing researches in the future. Besides neuroscience, he also loves animals, playing basketball and reading books. Ronald hopes to raise awareness of neuroscience in Macau and letting more people to know about IYNA.

lorrayne is a rising senior at Rio, Brazil. Her lively interest in Neurosciences began when she looked for an outdoor in her school about a Summer Neuroscence Course and a Brain Bee Competition. Since then, she iniciate her studies in this incredible area. lorrayne is a bichampion in Brazilian Brain Bee and participated on International Brain Bee in 2016, where intensifying and strengthening their curiosity and appreciation for this area. She participates as a volunteer in activities developed by MIN (Neuroscience Itinerant Museum) which aims to provide the first contact students and visitors with basic fundamentals of neuroscience, focused on promoting literacy and scientific dissemination. lorrayne works with the IYNA as Member of the International General Assembly, President of the Brazilian National Chapter. She feels more and more fascinated by the amazing world of Neurosciences and hopes to be able to give contribution to their in near future.

Norah is a high school student in Damnhur, Egypt. She first read about neuroscience when she saw a brain bee advertisement and decided to enrol. She really liked it; she won the first place in the first round in the Egyptian brain bee and became one of the ten finalists. Unfortunately, she didn't make it to the international competition. She has always had outstanding grades at school. She is interested in reading, self-learning, writing, and handball. Her favourite subjects are Math, Biology and Chemistry. She is eager to find a scholarship to study abroad so she is currently preparing for taking the TOEFL and SAT tests. She thinks that the easiest way to spread awareness about neuroscience is online, so she is planning to found an online branch for the IYNA in Egypt

shreyas started his career 2 appearances at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, along with 3 appearances at the Metlife Spelling Bee, and 4 appearances at the North South Foundation Spelling Bee. After he retired his placard, he went on to give 4 TEDx talks about his experiences and also start a tie company. That tie company almost has over $20,000 in sales, expanded to dozens of more products, and will be featured in Sam's Club (making shreyas among one of the youngest suppliers to the Fortune 500 Company). He also has been named "Philadelphia's Young Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Philadelphia Center for Advancing Entreprenerus and one of "America's Top 6 Young Entrepreneurs" by the US Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves in multiple leadership positions in school while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. He and his best friend also won 1st place at the Diamond Challenge for High School Entrepreneurs, an international pitch contest for high school students, which won them almost $8,000 in investment from the University of Delaware. They launched that company and eventually sold the intellectual property to a million dollar education company.

Jade is a recent high school graduate from Sydney and was the World Brain Bee Champion in 2015. She is an avid fan of all things science, with other interests in archery, thai boxing, volunteering, writing and contemporary art. From stargazing on her roof to being awarded for a short-term memory thesis when she was 13, Jade was always engrossed in the sciences, although had only begun engaging in neuroscience when she participated in Brain Bee, later co-writing a paper with Prof. Charles Watson on the neuroanatomical development of rodent CA2. Integrating both scientific progress and a desire to aid others, she plans to complete an MD/PhD in the hopes of becoming a neurosurgeon. With a passion for active change, she aspires for IYNA to become something that largely benefits those lacking scientific connections and exposure, and perhaps even fostering an interest in neuroscience at younger ages. In the upcoming (albeit, Australian) summer, Jade will be interning at the University of Melbourne with Prof. Ashly Bush, aiding research on biological oxidation in the brain and its relationship to Alzheimer's.

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